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Northside Karate's 
Ma of the Year

Nominated by a group of colleagues and staff members, Grand Master D. E. Chambers was voted to receive this distinguished award!

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Student of the Year

Step into the spotlight and meet our distinguished Student of the Year at Northside Karate, Victor Serna. This exceptional individual has demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to their craft, embodying the essence of martial arts in every facet of their journey. With unwavering determination, Victor has consistently shown a commitment to self-improvement, pushing their boundaries and surpassing their expectations.

Through countless hours of training,  Victor has not only excelled in intricate techniques but has also embraced the values of respect, discipline, and humility that karate instills. Their progress is a testament to their resilience and unyielding spirit, inspiring both peers and instructors alike. Victor has not only excelled in the dojo but has also integrated the principles of karate into their daily life, becoming a role model for others to emulate.

As our Student of the Year, Victor Serna represents the pinnacle of achievement within our karate community. Their journey serves as a shining example of the transformative power of dedication and hard work. Join us in celebrating Victor Serna for their remarkable accomplishments and for embodying the very best that martial arts has to offer.

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